"My tastes are simple, I am easily satisfied with the best" - Sir Winston Churchill


Mastering the art of making bespoke pieces for over a decade.
We cater for the individual that appreciates and wants absolute exclusivity.  The making of something only they will have and own! We pair your style and requirements with the Charles Lansdown expertise to create a masterpiece with great form and function. The Prestige Service starts with a consultation followed by the steps throughout the tailored process of: Leather picking, pattern design, art work, unique patina, personalized messaging, monogramming, etc.


Promote your business by partnering with Charles Lansdown to ensure, originality, personalization, and quality.  Give your clients a big ‘thank you’ with the ideal gift.  Elevate the perception your customers have of your business and make them feel valued.  We accommodate your company’s growth and ever changing dynamics and value a return to, “the good old days” where service, lasting products and business relationships shine above all!


Partner with Charles Lansdown to offer, unique good quality products to your clients.  We cater for the Designer Boutique and Outfitters who share a passion for fine craftmanship that only high-end brands can deliver.  Exceed the expectations of affluent customers and strive to bring them back again and again.

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