Named in honor of my Grandfather Mr. Charles Lansdown.

He was a man known and respected for his integrity and kindness.  He had a flare for fashion, especially well tailored suits and fine crafted accessories.  He blessed me with one principle in life “what you give out is what you get back” – CHARLES LANSDOWN Tailored Leathers was born.

Bradley Charles Ingram Founder

CEO / FOUNDER - Bradley Charles Ingram

Working with my hands and natural materials is a blessing and a passion.  I am committed to produce leather goods of the highest standard; in return I hope to earn the respect of each person who has added a product to their collection.

- Our Process -

Stage One

Pattern Design -

Stage Two

Leather Picking

The beauty of true leather is that it gets better with age. Even with a harsh battering, leather takes on a worn look which affords it character often by a texture softened by the hands of time. Our collection takes full advantage of the way leather ages and builds its own character: every piece becomes more uniquely yours as it matures through the journey of your life.
Our hides are individually chosen for their quality, character and strength.

Stage Three

Engraving -

Stage Four

Tooling & Glue-up -

Stage Five

Stitching -

Stage Six

Edging & Smoothing -

Stage Seven

Patina & Waxing

We use a series of high quality oil waxes that we tint to produce a beautiful hand made finish that seals and protects and adds that extra level of uniqueness to every item.

Stage Eight

Quality Checking -
Every item is tested to it's limits by Bradley Charles Ingram to make sure all the above stages have been done to perfection resulting in a piece that will stand up to the test of time.

- Sustainability -

Staff & Training

Our family of Leathersmith's working on CHARLES LANSDOWN pieces, go through years of apprenticeship and training before being able to take on specific ranges. Every single piece is handmade with attention to detail, by the artist.

Material Sourcing

Our goal is to provide as far as possible a fully South African product and believe in supporting local businesses. We source our leather from South African Tanneries, our metal buckles are cast locally. Our boxes are local and our bag pouches are made by us.