Executive Gifting

We offer ‘executive gifts’, NOT ‘promo items’ A much higher-end and personalized product!

Our goal is to partner with your company to ensure, originality, personalization, and quality to match the perception your customers have of your own business.  We accommodate your company’s growth and ever changing dynamics.  We are striving to return “the good old days” where service, lasting products and business friendships shine above all!

Why Choose Us?

Each individual item can feature Company Brand and personalized name, slogan, message, company details, etc… Sky’s the limit!!!

No minimum quantity per color required

No high design / branding setup costs

South African leather and product.

Your return on investment will be that your new and existing clients receive something special, with their name on (if you wish) as a great gesture of your appreciation, leaving them knowing their business is in great hands and that your company focuses on their personal identity and specific needs.

Contact Us

One of our expert representatives will contact you to work out the best strategy based on your budget to maximize your return on investment.

Sales Team – +27 76 518-9640

Email – brad@charleslansdown.com


France Gueit Sales Manager – Industrial – “I have been super impressed with the Charles Lansdown’s quality of product and level of service. I certainly will use him again when we in the market for quality leather client gifts.”

Candice Giles, Director of 1.618 Group – “The finished product was great; our clients love the card holders. Dealing with Charles Lansdown Tailored Leather was a pleasure!”

Wynand du Toit, CFP® – “We have found Brad and his team to be focused on excellence. They really are set on producing quality product that is unique, within the budget and timeline required. The fact that Brad and his team can design, produce and brand anything leather that you can imagine is amazing. Our clients have been very appreciative of Brad’s gifts and will use them for years to come.”

Francois du Toit, CFP® Francois du Toit Consulting and Technology – “I received a gift from a friend and business associate and was immediately intrigued.  You don’t see this kind of skill, quality and uniqueness in products anymore.  I decided to buy some gifts for my clients as well and this is when I got to meet Bradley and hear his story.  I was not only drawn to this, but also to the fact that they only use real saddle leather, that everything is made by hand and that they want to bring back good old-fashioned relationship-based business.

Everything promised, was delivered on.  He stayed within the timelines we agreed on and kept me up to date during the process.  We were so impressed that my wife even got me a Christmas gift from Charles Lansdown… a custom designed A4 folder with my name on.  I use it every day and people are taking notice!  I strongly recommend Charles Lansdown, Bradley and his team.